C ::: The interview with Larry LaPierre

The wait for the release of Need for Speed Carbon is as intense as a white knuckle race down a dark, mountain road. Only a few tidbits of information has been released about this game, but one man holds the answer to all your burning questions - Executive Producer Larry LaPierre.

In the thick of development, we pinned Larry down with the help of a modified muscle car to get some info about NFS Carbon and here's what he had to say.

Community Team: Give us an overview of Need for Speed™ Carbon. What's the overall premise of the game?

Larry LaPierre: In NFS Carbon, our hero from Need for Speed™ Most Wanted returns back home to Palmont city only to find out things have changed. He has been framed for a race that went wrong, rival street racing gangs have taken over, and like any good conflict, it has to be settled on the streets in their cars. A battle for control of the city takes on even greater danger when the races move out to the Canyons.

CT: How does NFS Carbon differentiate itself from NFS Most Wanted and the Need for Speed™ Underground titles?

LL: NFS Carbon takes the danger and illicitness of street racing and amps it up by introducing canyon racing.

CT: Location has had a huge impact in past NFS games. What can you say about the "world" in NFS Carbon?

LL: NFS carbon takes place in Palmont City. It is heavily influenced by a west coast/Sante Fe vibe mixed with a bit of over the top Vegas glitz, all nestled in the California hills. It's vibrant, colorful and alive.

CT: Drift racing makes its return in NFS Carbon. How is the racing mechanic and physics different than what was in NFS Underground 2?

LL: We are really excited to be bringing drift back, its so challenging and so much fun to snake your car smoothly through a set of turns. We also have a much better scoring mechanic this year.

CT: What can you tell us about the cars and customization in NFS Carbon?

LL: I love the car set this year - we have such a cool variety with Tuners, Muscle and Exotics. The feel of each is really unique and as far as customization goes we have a totally new way to trick out your car with Autosculpt™.

CT: Ah, Autosculpt. I can't wait until we can talk about that more. Switching gears, no pun intended, what will NFS Carbon have by way of race modes?

LL: A lot! NFS Carbon will have Circuit racing, Sprint racing, Speedtrap, and new modes Canyon Duel, Canyon Race, Drift, Canyon Drift, Time Trial and a few others we can tell you about at a later date.

CT: Lastly, what is the one thing that has you the most excited about NFS Carbon?

LL: One thing? If it was only one thing it would probably be the canyon duels - they are so intense. You are ripping through these canyons as fast as you can trying to keep up to the lead car. The slightest mistake and buh-bye...over the edge...into a heap of metal and carbon fiber.

CT: Ouch!

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