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In the past week Publisher I/O organized an exclusive roofridge Look Event for the newest part of the Need for speed row: Need for speed carbon. Beside numerous representatives of the European play press, were also we locally, in order to throw for you a first view of the running play. As suitable scene the Porsche center in Leipzig served the meeting, where beside the world-wide only manufacturing plant of the Cayenne also a test track is. Compound from parts of well-known running courses, this serves to test the sports cars on heart and kidneys. During the presentation of Need for speed carbon presented the Canadian producer, Steve Anthony, the innovations of the play. Since also in this part again the Tuningkultur served the American and Japanese young person as model, the Entwicklerstudio operated extensive searches, in order to arrange the Gameplay more realistic. Apart from nocturnal running in the large cities the representatives of the scene supply themselves with now also to running on winding mountain routes with the so-called „Canyon Races “.

In Need for speed carbon exists your goal of taking over individual cities by defeating course prevailing there with different run Events. Are you now no longer alone on the way, but gets assistance of your own crew. To maximally three members, that differ in strategy and talents, give you by depressing the key of instructions. Like that the fellow combatants are for example helpful to you in the Drängeln or pull you in their lee to to the point. Also outside of that the colleagues show themselves a running as helpful. Dependent on her strengths tunen mechanic your car optically or performance-technically. While it you at the beginning of the play with only one crew member must be content, you de-energise a running new candidates in the run that. According to I/O on on-line mode of the play special value put, there take over your friends the roles of the fellow combatants.

The popular drift mode finds, after a short time-out in Need for speed Most Wanted, its way back in the play. A revised physics is to provide thereby for a new driving feeling. Also the point mechanics were renewed, thereby it depends now particularly on the speed, with which you drift by the curves. On a widened distance you collect points of extra, by it over special markings outside of and within the curves drive. The Drifts can connect you in addition to Kombos, in order to collect more points. The smallest contact of the distance delimitation sets however zero for your Score. Beside import Tunern like the Mitsubishi Evo 9, selects it in the play also from Muscle Cars like the Camaro or European Exoten like the Lamborghini Gallardo. Altogether 50 vehicles are located in the three classes to the selection.

A completely new play mode those represent to Canyon running. Contrary to the duels in the city must you no police be afraid here, but begin alone against the leader of the opposing crew. In two stages their of you ability points to winding mountain routes. In the first passage you specify with your running result a minimum score and try to stick your contractor as closely as possible at the bumper. In second running must you then try to strike the set up score. However fine feeling is indispensable while handling the accelerotor pedal. Take a curve to it too fast, you schlittert fast over the wing tip edge bordering, break through the guard rail and fall into the abyss. Completely in the indication of the Need for speed Underground series all running modes take place at night. In addition all cars are to get a damage model, which will not affect however the handling.

After extensive sample plays of the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 version of Need for speed carbon we still met Steve Anthony to a short interview. With the fact he explained us that I/O black box straight fiddles with the perfect control for the Wii version. Since the innovative CONTROLLER offers many application type, the remote part is to serve either as steering wheel or to affect gas and brake by inclination. The sound TRACK offers this mark a mixture from Hip Hop and electrical Need to you for speed carbon appears in November this yearly for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

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