C ::: The interview with NFSC producer Rob Wyle

On the Games Convention 2006 I had the possibility, me with the producer Rob Wyle of Need for speed: To build up to test the play and unite to place carbon to it questions from the Community.

My360.ch: First of all those probably first question, which the Gamer asked itself after the sight of the first Screenshots: Why have you you again decided for a night scenario, although most feedbacks to NFS: Most Wanted were positive?

Rob: It did not only give positive reactions. Unite it surely better fell to be raced as in Underground during the night. Naturally one can make never it quite for all. Finally we had to decide for something - and that was stop the Nachtsetting.

My360.ch: Will it also give some running on the day?

Rob: No, it does not become. Running in carbon exclusively at night are driven.

My360.ch: Will it give again police units?

Rob: Those becomes it. These do not have however just as high value as in Most Wanted. Thus they will take up pursuit when road running further, however it will give no Bountypunkte, lightning boxes or similar to more.

My360.ch: Will the police occur also in an on-line mode?

Rob: We had many ideas for on-line modes. Which we then finally convert are already held in the concept everything. (Notes of the editorship: Who knows?)

My360.ch: Keyword “Autosculpt”. Can you to our readers briefly explain which this new feature with itself bring?

Rob: With Autosculpt more weights on the Tunign one puts. Owing to this feature the player does not have no more from different, already prefabricated Tuning parts to select, but can the parts after the own taste directly to create himself. Thus it gives for each object (tire, spoiler, hood…) , to its attitudes to adjust gradually and different can many different zones be caused. So one can increase for example the Vinyls as desired, turns, to distort or position. In addition, otherwise absolutely no borders are set with the air intakes of the hood, the appearance of the rims or the tail spoiler and all different one at the car.

My360.ch: Will it give also still prefabricated Tuning parts to variant additionally to the Autosculpt to the selection?

Rob: No, it will only give the method with the Autosculpt Tuning. But which you want more?

My360.ch: Is it correct that one can have its own crew?

Rob: Exactly. These support the player in many way. This begins already in the garage and goes up to running.

My360.ch: Which influence do the crew members have during running?

Rob: There are 3 different members, whom one can call for in running for support. The one is the blocker. It protects one against attacking, opposing cars. Second moves forward and marks the optimal and fastest way. Too better lastly it still the drift aid gives to know at whose side one to attach itself can, in order a curve optimally wars. However these persons stand only in the normal, not however into the Canyon running to the place. Because these are man as well known against man.

My360.ch: Can one arrange its crew or is already assigned the members?

Rob: Naturally, one cannot occupy the individual jobs with some persons themselves standing to the selection.

My360.ch: Will it give again a Storyline as in Most Wanted?

Rob: Yes, you can remember still the history of Most Wanted? There the player came from his homeland to skirt haven. After the own car was lost with running unjustified, one fought upward on the Blacklist, fetched themselves the car back and fled from the city. Carbon plays immediately after it. The player returns to his homeland, in which since the absence some changed…

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