PS ::: Pro Street Q&A Session June 2007

Pro Street Q&A Session June 2007

1. Will bumpers, doors etc. hang off of your vehicle when damaged? (Brandon)
Bumpers, hoods and spoilers will hang off, bounce around, be affected by the wind and eventually tear off of your car. Doors will not, since we aren't looking to give the impression that anyone gets hurt in these collisions.
2. How accurate are the physics involved in the game? And will the handling modes both have full simulation and full arcade (nfs style handling)? (Rheo)
The physics is quite accurate and believable this year. We've completely re-written the system and it works great. We will offer a range of assists that will provide both the NFS style handing and braking our fans have grown to love as well as allow for additional challenge as you turn down or off each assist. You can select the driving experience you want out of the game. Keep in mind though that the best times will likely be turned in by those who drive with fewer assists.
3. Will the damage on the car accurately effect it performance wise? ie Spoiler is gone meaning lower handling and lower downforce. (Rheo)
Yes to both. Damage can affect your car's aero and that will affect top speed for sure. We are being very careful with our tuning, however. Damage should not be punishing! We want players to race aggressively and push the limits, so a bit of banging and scraping is to be expected. Slam head on into a wall at high speed though, and you'll get the expected result!
4. Will the physics in drifting and drag races be the same or different to the physics used in normal circuit races? If different, how so? And to what extent will the differences influence the car's handling? (93360)
The physics are the same all of the modes. The differences you'll see will be in the levels and types of assists available. We want ProStreet to be a game you can pick up and play and a game you can dial in for the level of challenge you enjoy.
5. Does the player's car have a damage meter, if so then does your car at a certain point of damage smoke and still run, or go into flames and not run anymore? (Kaien)
You can total your car this year. What that means is that you've lost that race. Losing a race isn't the end of the world, however. You can still win the overall raceday and move on in career...just do well in the other events! Again, damage shouldn't feel punishing, NFS ProStreet is not a simulator. Damage should look and feel cool with the added edge that pushing too far can knock you out of an event. Then it will be time to do some repairs!
6. Another question is exactly how much punishment can the car take? Is it possible the go in 200km/h into a wall and get a bumped bumper and some sratches, or will most of the front fly into small peices scattered around the car? (Sebastian)
The cars can take quite a bit of punishment. We aren't looking to perfectly simulate car performance damage, because driving around the track with crippled steering doesn't seem very fun. If you go head on into a wall at 200 you'll likely be done for that event!
7. How are the aerodynamics of autosculpted parts (& the car as a whole) affected by damage during the race?
Tearing off a spoiler or bumper will affect your aero, but won't knock you out of a race. You'll have no problem finishing (and winning) the event unless you do something even worse to your car...
8. Will the physics allow your car to roll or go on two wheels if you take a corner too fast? (nfsuser)
Absolutely, I do it all the time. It also happens when I hit a piece of debris on the road!
9. Will your engine blow if you over rev it too much in a race? (Leo)
It can in drag mode, but not any other time. It felt too punishing and unfun otherwise.
10. Do your tires wear out from too much burnout? (Kaien)
Nope, the game is fun, not punishing. We didn't think, changing tires felt like tons of fun!
11. Will it be harder to smash carbon parts than regular parts? (Kristijan)
Parts will behave the way you'd expect them to. That's the beauty of the procedural damage system.

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