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20 August 2009 – Driver Profile in Need For Speed Shift.

One of Shift’s most talked about features is its innovative Driver Profile system, a mechanic which tracks the player’s actions and helps shape their experience within the game’s Career mode.

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The Driver Profile system is essentially a basic XP mechanic similar to what you may have seen in an RPG. As players race they are awarded points from two categories, Precision and Aggression, with the amount of each based on their on-track actions. You can be awarded points from a number of different areas. Drive cleanly by sticking to the racing line or making clean overtakes and you’ll earn Precision points. Alternatively, shunt cars off the track, block off opponents and generally drive aggressively and you’ll earn points for Aggression. You’ll also earn points from finishing the race, with the amount based on your final position.

As you earn points you’ll start to level up. There are 50 levels in total with each earning you bonus awards, including cash and car bonuses, special event invites, extra garage slots to store more cars, additional vinyls and other visual upgrades.

After the completion of each event a screen pops up showing you how many profile points you have earned within that race, plus a breakdown of the areas where you earned them:

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If you level up, another screen will pop up showing you the rewards you have earned:

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You can keep track of your overall progress from a separate Driver Profile menu, which displays your current level, earned badges, career wins and losses, and how many profile points you’ve earned so far. In addition, your profile is represented by an icon that evolves with each level you reach and your driving style, which online opponents can take a look at to tell which style of driver you are and roughly how much of Shift you’ve completed:

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From a separate screen within the Driver Profile menu you can check out how many points are required to reach the next level, plus previews of the items you’ll be unlock upon reaching each of the fifty levels:

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Another neat touch with the Driver Profile system is the way in which the game interacts with you when it comes to Invitational Events. When you’re given the chance to drive at these events, you’re presented with two race types from which to choose from, ie. Time Trial or race. Though both events appear to be selectable regardless of your overall driving style, the game suggests which one would be more suitable for you to compete in. For example, because we were a more precise driver, the game suggested that we chose to compete in the Time Trial event rather than a standard race.

So there’s a little inside look at NFS: Shift’s Driver Profile system.

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